The Impact of Few Words

Amazing words from someone dealing with loss. A reminder that one kind word has a never ending impact.

Daphne Bach Greer

sadiesugarfingers Yummy!

While getting ready to take my boys to baseball practice, I loaded the four kids in the car and then quickly ran back into the house to feed the dog and grab my purse. Gone less than a minute, I came back out to the car to find this.  sadiesugar

She had gotten into a container of sugar and was making designs in the pile of shiny white granules while licking her fingers.  She then looked at me and politely asked if she could throw the dog out the window.  What had just happened, I wasn’t sure!


While taking it all in,  another child was sobbing because he couldn’t find his baseball mitt and little guy was in the back screaming “melmo, melmo” repeatedly, begging to watch Elmo on the movie player. My little red-head then let out an ear pinching squeal.  I looked back just in time to…

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