I haven’t ever really paid attention to the clouds since my children were little and we would lay back and make shapes out of them. Here lately, I am fascinated with looking at the clouds. In the car with my husband, rather than talk to him, I am staring at the sky. Lately, all I wonder about is what my son is doing in heaven? What is it like? I think back to how we pictured heaven as a child with angels playing on clouds. As we grow older, we learn of streets of gold, mansions and the land of milk and honey.

So now I wonder, is my son sitting on a cloud in heaven? Or is he walking the streets of gold? I know it sounds crazy but I think I am looking for that one special cloud. That one special cloud that he shapes into something that lets me know he is ok. Will he shape it into a dragonfly? Or into some totally random thing that makes us laugh our heads off.

I guess I will always wonder and stare at clouds until the day that I am reunited with him. And then I will dance in the clouds and skip down the streets of gold in joy!



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