Hope for Kayla

There is this girl who I have never met yet I pray for her everyday and night. There is this girl named Kayla who has touched my heart and has helped me heal. Let me tell you about this wonderful young lady!

Browsing through Facebook one night, I came across this page that my friend Carol had liked. It was called Kayla Montiel is our Hero. Curious, I clicked on it to find out why she was someone’s hero. I read how this young lady had a heart transplant at a young age and after 22 years with that heart, needed a new one and also a kidney. I read on more of her page and decided to message her mother Debbie for Kayla’s address. I wanted to share my story of my son and how he had given someone like her hope. I bought a card and wrote Kayla about Richie. I let her know that I was praying for her and enclosed one of the guitar picks that was made to honor Richie. I had this unexplainable desire to just share my son with her. I do not know why. All I know is I needed to tell her his story. I sealed the envelope and wiped my tears.

A week later, I received a thank you card from Debbie and Kayla. I was shocked. These two woman did not need to thank me. They wanted me to know that Richie’s story had touched them. On Sunday, Kayla’s Facebook page said that she had gotten the news that there was a heart and kidney for her. I was so overjoyed! I then became a stalker on her page waiting for the updates as to how the surgeries went. I prayed harder than I have ever prayed for her.

Well, Kayla received her new heart and her new kidney and she is doing wonderful! Her mom continues to ask for prayers not only for her but for the donor family. And this is where Kayla’s story helped me……….

As most of you know by now, Richie had desired to be an organ donor and we fulfilled his wishes. I have always known I had made the right decision to give others hope but the thing with donor families is sometimes we do not ever get to see the hope fulfilled. I have written all the recipients of Richie’s organs and I have only heard back from one. I heard from the man who received his heart. He thanked me and assured me he would take care of his gift. Even though I am secure with my decisions, I have always felt like I needed a sign that made my heart feel like I did. Watching Kayla go from a young lady praying for hope to a young lady receiving this tremendous gift has done that. I needed to see the process. I needed to see it from the other side. The joy that this family felt receiving the news yet the way they felt sorrow and appreciation for the family that lost. I needed to see that out of death can come life and hope. I needed to see it from the hope and joy side not the grief and funeral side. Kayla and her family have helped me see the tremendous gift my son gave to four families on New Year’s Day. Kayla will be able to go on and live a hopefully long and full life. I pray she lives out her wildest dreams!

I will forever mourn my son and wish that he was still with me. It was God’s will for him to leave me so soon. Nothing will ever make this better for me but knowing he gave hope and the gift of life to others does give me comfort. I hope that one day I get to meet this young lady and thank her. And to see her beautiful smile in person! I ask that you all say a prayer for Kayla tonight and that you also say a prayer for her donor family. Let us all continue to have Hope for Kayla. One of my heroes in my healing.

Please visit her Facebook and show her some support:

Kayla Montiel Is Our Hero


Kayla after she received the news of her new heart and kidney!



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