The etter L

I know, the tite is missing the etter L. I woke up this morning with so much on my mind and decided I woud come in here and write about a few things and send a few messages to people that I have been meaning to check on. Wel, you see, the darn L button on my laptop has decided to ony work when it wants to or when I press it realy hard. So, today’s post is brought to you by the letter L. (It just took me hitting that key 4 times to get an L)

You never know how frustrating one ittle letter is unti it doesn’t work. I ove to say, “ove ya” on facebook to famiy and friends. Ever tried to type LOL in a hurry when the button quits working? It comes out a pathetic OL. People have probably been wondering what is up with me. Especially my felow grammar policing brother Casey. We ove pointing out mistakes our sisters and friends make on facebook and in texts.

I know I could take a ittle more time and go back and fix al the words in this post. The screen is lit up ike a neon sign with all the spel check lines. But you know what, one thing I have learned since December 29, 2013………… WHO CARES?!? If my ife depends on the L button and fixing mistakes from it mot working right then my ife is not as meaningfu as it should be. The L button not working is the east of my worries in life. So if I OL on your post or text, laugh a ittle harder at it. If I ove you, smile a little bigger. And just so you know, I have had to work real hard at getting the capita etter L. I think I may ask Jeff and the kids for a new apto for my birthday! OVE YOU AL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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