Remembering his gift

A month or so my Aunt Judy was digging through some old papers of hers and found a poem. She called me and when I answered, I noticed her voice was very shaky. She said,”Punkie, I don’t know where this poem I have found came from but let me read it to you.” So she read the poem and we both cried. This poem was called To Remember Me. At the time she found it, I needed it most. I told her that I would get a copy of it later when I saw her. Things happened and I forgot about the poem. It amazes me that a poem that touched me so deeply, just as easily slipped out of my thoughts. While I was on the computer trying to find something fitting to post about how my son is a hero in my eyes for saving lives after his life ended, I found the poem Judy had shared with me.

I would like to share with you all the poem written my Robert Test. It is amazing and fitting and I almost feel as if I can hear it in Richie’s voice.


One thought on “Remembering his gift

  1. Sweet pea. This fits more perfect than you see right now and as time goes on it will seem even more perfect. . I know you know this but sometimes we still need to be told the obvious. The reason it slipped from your thoughts is because it served it purpose at the moment for you and Judy. And I am glad things are getting a little easier for you.. you are stronger than you were yesterday and you will continue to grow stronger tomorrow. . I do not think that I could have been near as strong as you have been had I been in your shoes. I am proud of you for sticking by any decision that has been called rash because no one but you know exactly what you felt and thought at the time of the decision. And I am so very proud of you for being stronger than you thought you could be. Know even though we aren’t close to you any more the 3 of us love you and pray for you daily

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