Roadside Crosses

Today, Jeff, Will and myself went to the Farmer’s Market. On the way, there was a group of cars pulled over on the interstate taking pictures with a white wooden cross. It made me wonder about the story behind that cross. Since losing my son, I have become more aware of them than I was before. Each time I see one the questions run through my head. Is there a mother out there mourning like me? Was this a mother or father? Are there little children mourning for a parent? Was it a grandparent, aunt, uncle or friend? I know the person was loved because someone took the time out to place a cross. Then I wonder how painful that must have been. I can only imagine. I know how painful it is to put a new flag or wreath at the cemetery. But my child did not die there. To go back where your loved one died and put a cross just seems heart-wrenching.
I have a new friend in grief who lost a son to an auto accident. I told her that I pass that spot every single day and wanted to put a cross there. She said I could. I will proudly do it for her because I do not think there is anyway that I could do it if it was where my son left this world. I don’t think I could even go on that floor of the hospital again.
How many times do we pass these little crosses and not even think about it? OR at least not think about it until death comes close to us. Now I say a silent prayer for the family and quietly wonder about it’s honoree.

One thought on “Roadside Crosses

  1. Zachary's Mom says:

    I agree….I would like to put a cross where Zachary’s wreck happened but I haven’t been able to phathom the idea of going out there. I thank God that it didn’t happen at a place I have to pass everyday.
    Much love and hugs

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