TimeHop: Friend or Foe

Timehop. Most of us have the ap. For those that don’t, it is an ap that you can download that tells you what you posted on FaceBook or Instagram 1-5 years before. At first I thought it was a fun way to see things from the past. But then I realized that it makes you rethink a lot of the things you said.

For the most part, I have rather enjoyed seeing the pictures of family from past and how they have changed. Or laughed at the posts that were funny stories about family happenings. It has been good for a laugh now and then. Other posts have made me see how trivial some things were. Did Facebook really care that the cashier bagged my groceries all wrong? Did everyone need to know that I was grumpy and having a bad day? Did everyone on Instagram really need to see the picture of what my toe looked like after a fight with the door? Or what about the times when I was snarky and made a snide wound about comment to someone? Were these moments really important and worth remembering? I think not.

While Timehop can remind you of some of the greatest times you had, it can also remind you of the absolute worst times ever. I have been reminded of the time when I was asking for all family and friends to pray my son would get better. Then reminded of the time when we had to announce when his funeral was. It has reminded me of the days this past year that were lonely.


It has reminded me of wonderful fun-filled times while at the same time adding in the times of unbearable pain. Some days, I do not even open it. Other days, I open it and laugh. The rest just make me cry. So I am not sure if Timehop is friend or foe. Mayne just a casual acquaintance.


2 thoughts on “TimeHop: Friend or Foe

  1. I had to delete time hop after only a few months. Sadly Facebook has a similar thing now. First time it appeared on fb of where/what was happening 12 months ago it was the last Christmas our beautiful boy Jaie had been alive and with us. And I cried and cried and had a massive melt down. I’m very quick now to shut it down when it pops up on fb. I have dates and times forever embedded in my heart and soul. I do not require reminding. Much love and strength to you all ❤️

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