If Jesus had a FaceBook…..

Scrolling through FaceBook this morning, I just had to shake my head a little. Some people had one post praising Jesus and in the next talking about “Turning up this weekend”. After scrolling a little more, I see a post that says I have to share this picture of Jesus to be blessed. Then another where I will be denying Jesus if I do not share. It just got me to thinking what would happen if I didn’t share and tag 10 of my friends? Am I going to all of sudden have worse luck than I already do? I didn’t share the other one, so I guess I must not be blessed anymore. Funny, I haven’t found that part in the Bible yet. Gonna have to make a point to ask Charles about that in Bible Study Wednesday.

The people who in their posts of partying Jesus on Friday and Saturday and then praising the Lord on Sunday made me just want to pray for them. Looking back on my TimeHop, I can see where I had times like those. Almost as if you are in a battle of self. You want to good so that you get that foot into heaven. Yet, you want to drink and dance it up with the band on weekends. Maybe it is just older age, stronger faith or more knowledge in the Word that makes me question this.

After scrolling more, I realize it wasn’t just that young girl. There were older people posting that they needed prayers for the headache they had from the night of partying before. But this all just gets me to one question? If Jesus had a FaceBook would you send him a friend request? Would you accept a friend request from him? Would you think that by sharing a picture of him that you are golden in his eyes? Would you be ashamed of that picture you posted with the foul language and funny saying about what Monday can do with itself? What about that pic with the hand gesture? Or maybe that one pic where you are posing for a selfie in your underwear?

I know I am not perfect but I try my best everyday to do the right things, study my bible, pray and thank him. Gonna ask though if I have lost my spot in heaven for not sharing a picture. And by the way, the only bad thing that has happened to me today since not sharing a picture with ten of my friends was a stumped toe when running to answer the phone. Was it bad luck for not reposting or just a poorly placed chair? I am not sure what it was but sharing what I learned in church Sunday with the person on the other end of the call made it better!

P.S. I will not be sharing the pictures of Jesus for luck, but I will talk to you about him anytime for your salvation!

Friend Request - Jesus

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