Unexpected Friends, Unexpected Blessings

Over the past few days, I have been in constant e-mail with a lady I have come to know in this grief journey. She lost her son almost a year ago and is having a difficult time with the anniversary approaching.This morning when I read her latest e-mail she was saying she was glad we are friends. This got me to thinking……………..

I have met many, many new people since our own personal D-Day. We have met other grieving parents, donor families, organ recipients, church friends, blogging friends and just so many more. I have come to love and cherish each person. Saturday at the 5K, I told one of the coordinators that I could not imagine making it this far without the love from certain people at LifeLink. I can’t imagine not having Tonya or Sherri to be there for my spastic texts and e-mails when I am having a rough day. What if I didn’t have my new church family to be there to pray for me when the going gets rough? What if I didn’t have the recipients I have met to give me hope when I have questions of why? What if I didn’t have Debbie or Kayla? What if I didn’t have any of them?????

I look back and reflect on how and why I have met them. I have met them because my son died. Plain and simple. No sugar coating it. We crossed paths because Richie died. Richie died. I more than likely would have never met these people if my son was alive. I would probably have not even listened to the news story on Kayla and Zack,, I would have never read a blog from another grieving parent. I would not have even thought about LifeLink or Donate Life. I really do not think I would have had the heart I do now to even listen to some of the stories these new friends have. I would not have wanted the stories of death to come into the protective bubble I thought I had.

Then my bubble burst. My heart became broken. And these people came in at the right times in my life to help me stand. They have not healed my broken heart but they have done a pretty good job at putting a band-aid over some gaping holes. With that being said……….

I would give up everyone of them for one more day with my son. I love them all dearly but if I had my son here today, I could live without them, And they would think the same of me. With the friends that I can be brutally honest with I tell them, “I love you but I could do without having met you this way!” The friends that are brutally honest with me tell me the same thing. We hate this life we have been given but are stronger because of the people we have met.

This Saturday, Jeff and I will be going to dinner with a new friend we met at the 5K. Another unexpected friend to add to our growing circle of love.


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Friends, Unexpected Blessings

  1. Zachary's Mom says:

    As always I agree with your latest blog! I am glad we are friends. We probably wouldn’t have met if our son’s wouldn’t have died. When I first saw Kayla’s face book page and begin to follow it I also saw a link to your blog. I started reading it a while before I ever commented. I felt you could put into words what I was feeling. I had just lost my son and I was in so much pain I went searching for something anything to help. I found your blog and instantly felt a kindred spirit.

    Yes, I would trade my friendship for another day with my son. But I cannot do that so I am greatful that I have the new friends that I have. You, Kayla, Debbie and Sammy. You have been there for every crazy thought and action I have had. I am glad that we can be there for each other. You really get me! Walking this road that no parent wants to walk is hard and rough, it helps to have someone that knows and is walking along with me. God knew I would need someone and he sent me you.

    I appreciate your kind words. You have such a caring spirit to reach out to other hurting parents and let them no they are not alone. I know in the beginning Robert and I felt so alone in this process and now we have people around us to help us stand and love on us. I helps it really does.
    Love ya,

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