My Dear Savannah

She is gone. My beautiful baby girl. My youngest. My Savannah. My Savvy as I called her. Gone.

It is true now that I have wrote it. Now that I have put it in the universe. How hard it has been to write it, speak it, think it. 24 years old. A young life taken so suddenly and soon. Another one of my babies gone forever.

A car accident. September 3rd. In the blink of an eye Jeff and I lost a daughter. Harper lost her Mommy. Luke lost his sister. A split second. Instantly gone from us. A niece gone, a cousin gone, a friend gone forever.

I know I should be telling the world about her. How beautiful, hard-working, funny, kind but yet mean as a snake when needed. Brave. I always have thought of her as brave. She conquered things with such courage. She could do anything she set her mind to. A much better mother than I ever will be. Selfless when it came to her children. She could piss you off in one second and have you laughing in the next. Never a quiet moment with her. Always keeping me on my toes. So many things I want to say, need to say but can’t seem to get out.

Reunited with her son, brother and my Momma in heaven. Leaving her daughter, brothers and sisters here to brave the world alone. Without the one person that had no fear of going to war for them and would always make sure they were taken care off. Leaving behind a mother that is completely shattered and broken.

My beautiful baby girl. How I miss you. Everything about you. How I wish it would have been me instead. Oh the things you were going to do in life. It is true now that I have written it. Until we meet again my only daughter, I will love and miss you forever.

2 thoughts on “My Dear Savannah

  1. Oh Granny, I am still speechless and in shock. I think of you guys more often than not. Savannah was a sweet soul. She sure left her mark on this world. I am constantly reminded of her loyalty she showed me as a friend. I’ll never get over letting small, irrelevant things get in the way of our friendship. Savannah will never be forgotten. I will always tell my Harper girl how much her mommy loved and cherished her.
    I sure do love & miss you guys. You’re forever on my heart.

  2. Dawn says:

    I read this and the years just flow down my cheeks. I couldn’t believe the news I got on that day. Yes she was everything you said and more. She was lived so much from afar. I’ll see ya someday Savy! You are sorely missed in Ga! My love, Nana

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