But Wanda Has A Brain Tumor…

Today at church, we got to stand up and tell about things we were thankful for if we so chose to. This one lady, Wanda, stood up and said, “I am thankful for God bringing me to this church. I am also thankful God gave me this brain tumor because of all it has given me and the friends I have made because of it.”Or something like that, not sure of exact wording but yes, she thanked God for her brain tumor. After church, Lisa and I were talking to her about how she just inspires us and has taught us so much in the short time we have known her. I told her I wanted to write about how she has become a part of my everyday way of thinking and she said go for it. So here it is, how Wanda and her brain tumor changed my life and way of thinking!
Wanda and her husband started coming to church about 3 months or so ago and we of course welcomed them with open arms and hearts. They are truly an awesome couple. Funny, sweet, wise and just plain enjoyable! Well, a few weeks after they started coming, Wanda started having trouble seeing out of one of her eyes. She went to the doctor and he ordered tests because he thought she may have had a stroke. Well, the doctor told her the good news was, she didn’t have a stroke. The Shingles virus was the reason she had eye problems. But there was bad news. She had a brain tumor. An inoperable one. They told her they would give her 28 days of radiation to stop the growth and that should last for 10 years or so. Well, when she got to church that Wednesday, we all wanted to know what the doctor had said. She told us and we were just heartbroken for her. But this crazy woman was smiling! She told us the eye problem was a blessing! She would have never known about the tumor if not for it! She thanked God that night for letting her find a tumor! We were just in awe of her smile and wonderful attitude. She said God had a reason and he was going to take care of her. I was just thinking about how big of a baby I had been not long before over a stubbed toe. And here she was happy! And she had a brain tumor!
Well, she has taken these now 25 out of 28 days of radiation like a champ. She is at Emory in the morning before anyone in my house even wakes up. She then goes to work. Yes, she hasn’t stopped working either. Every time we see her, call her or text her she is as cheerful as ever. We ask her what she needs and she just says, keep praying because God is in control. She has never once broken down or felt sorry for herself. Her husband told us that he has been more of a baby than her. Each time I see her I am just amazed! Did I mention she has a brain tumor? A brain tumor people! A brain tumor!
All this time while watching her I have just tried to take it in and learn from her faith. I have always tried to give it to God and not worry but sometimes it is just hard to have that much faith. The faith of a mustard seed as they say. And here Wanda is being the prime example right before me of “Give it to God and don’t worry”. It has made me not worry about the small stuff that is trivial around me. And when the big stuff happens like being stuck on the side of the road broke down or dinner burned, I just smile and think, “But Wanda has a brain tumor!” Then with a little faith and a lot of prayer, things work out.
Wanda has said she feels just blessed by the ladies of our church and their love. But we ladies are blessed because of her and all she has taught us. We have learned there are bigger things than us. We have learned not to sweat the small stuff. We have learned that faith and prayer are all you need. We have learned that GOD is in control and we should simply, “Let God”. And that nothing, not even a brain tumor, is bigger than God. So when things are rough and you just feel like giving up, do like I do and simply say, “BUT WANDA HAS A BRAIN TUMOR!!!!”
****No picture of her now. Going to wait until we celebrate her end of treatment!