Worry About Nothing

Last Friday started downhill from the moment all of our house got out of bed. Let me start over… It actually started the night before when we were in the ER for yet another knee injury on the girl child. (We averaged a few of these a year with her.) Nothing big, just sprained it severly coming across home plate. So I had to get her to school the next day since she couldn’t drive. After picking up her boyfriend, the fuel pump decided to crap out on the Rodeo at one of the busiest 4-way stops in the county. My Sis-in-Law took the kids to school and I waited for the Husband. While waiting, the Sis-in-Law came back and sat with me and we got to catch up. Husband arrives and we arrange for a tow truck. So I head home to finish getting ready. You see, Will and I had to be in Norcross to pick up some things for the next day’s memorial concert. So Will, Husband and the tow truck get back to the house and it is time for the next adventure.
Girl Child texts and says she left stuff in the Rodeo she needed so we head, 10 miles the other way to get them to her and low and behold, the key to the car we are in decides to come apart! THe silver part was in the ignition and the black part with all the buttons was in my hand. Apparently, they had to be together for the car to start! Will and I figure it out and get it fixed enough to come home to get the last running vehicle in the yard. We set off now! We get to Norcross and back without any more incidents!
Now to get ready and wait for that night’s football game and senior night. The night was to be the last night we had one of my babies on the field. While getting ready and waiting on husband to come home, he calls. “I am on the side of the road.” He was defeated! (Did I mention Boy Child gt out of work and his tires were flat? So technically now down 4 cars) I in a cheery voice tell him to not worry, we are on the way. He was very upset and defeated. His friend ended up bringing him home and I told him to quickly change clothes and put a smile on! He looked at me and said.”How can you be so cheerful! It is really making me mad. This is a horrible day. One of the worst.” I smiled and said,” This is far from the worst day we have ever had, Not even in our top 3 or 5. We are all still standing and breathing. WE may be out of cars but they can be fixed. We have never went without before. Worry about nothing, pray for everything.” I was answered with a snarl.
What else was I to say to him? I have learned that nothing that happens can defeat us. We have been through the worst. Shy of losing one of my other 2 kids, Nothing is ever that bad. In fact everything as long as we are healthy and alive is marvelous! The cars can be fixed. And if they can’t, we will get new ones! Money troubles, who cares! We have never been without a roof over our heads or food in our bellies. We have always been warm and safe. Worry about nothing, pray for everything.
I think he just doesn’t understand that the car breaking down that morning kept us out of a traffic accident on the interstate, Could have been us involved. The 2nd car messing up at the school kept us from getting 1 1/2 hours away and it doing it. I thanked God for keeping us safe. I thanked him for allowing us to all be able to see stand beside Girl Child on the field for Senior Night. That night when I said the prayers before bed, I thanked him for everything! Every single thing down to the waffle fries at lunch. And guess what? The Lord has provided, the cars are being fixed and all is well. We may be out a few hundred dollars but what is money when we still have each other?!!!!!