My Chicken Nugget Rant

When we went into town earlier today, Jeff and I decided that we would grab a burger somewhere. Little did I know that this decision would bring forth my anger over McDonald’s chicken nuggets. The conversation in the car went like this:

Jeff: We will just go to McDonald’s so you can get your cheeseburger and I can get some nuggets.

Me: Man, now I want some nuggets.

Jeff: Well, get the nuggets.

Me: But I want the cheeseburger too.

Jeff: Well get the burger and one of the 4 piece nuggets.

Me (And this is where the angry rant started): No, because then they will think I am fat. A 4 piece? What is the point of a 4 piece anyway? They should at least give you 5. 4 just ticks you off. And why do they only give the kids 4 pieces inĀ  kid’s meal? A 4 piece was never enough for my kids. If you steal one of them then your kid only has 3. That just makes you look like a bad parent. At least if they gave the kid 5, you could take one. The nugget system is just screwed up there.

Jeff (who is laughing uncontrollably): You are really fired up about this. How about I just get a 20 piece and you eat some of them?

As you can see, I have a short fuse with things lately. Today, it was nuggets that have set me off. There was a lot more to the conversation but I would love for you to keep a good impression of me. But I am sure you can agree with my logic. 4 is too little for an adult. You can’t steal a nugget from your child’s 4 piece without looking like a jerk. At least I have a husband that will share his 20 piece.